1. Evaluation of a club's current website - 
  • First impressions - free one-page summary upon request of a club. 
  • Detailed report - $ 100.00 USD (except Canada $100.00 CDN plus tax)
  • For an additional $50.00 USD or CDN, using Zoom "shared screen", receive a live tour of items mentioned in the report.
2. Remote Assistance in Implementation of Evaluation Recommendations or Per Diem Help on "How To" Questions
  • The blind option - assistance by phone or e-mail 
  • The visual option - the club's web-editor can give Wethe4 a guest 30 rank and together we can be on the site at the same time. After demonstrating the "how-to", the club's editor can do the next iteration with instructions if necessary. 
  • The "do-it-for-them" option - using the same access parameters as the visual option Wethe4 Productions can be contracted to create a new format and design. The price will depend on the time required.
  • The continuous maintenance option - Hire Wethe4 Productions to be the club's web-editor and have a club member feed the content and pictures by e-mail.  Wethe4 edits and formats for the club's website. Pricing on an hourly basis, or part there-of., according to the pricing scale
3. In-person Assistance in Implementation of the Evaluation Report Recommendations or Per Diem Help on "How-To" Questions 
  • Travel, food & accommodation (if necessary) costs plus posted hourly rate for instructional time. (A Rotarian may provide food & accommodation in-home if appropriate or preferred.)
4. Participation in Wethe4 Productions ClubRunner Zoom Inservice Training modules
Modules currently available
  • Three one-hour sessions on posting a News Story into the News Stories Widget (View curriculum details)
  • Three one hour sessions on how to write a website based news story as a journalist. (View Curriculum Details)
  • Four one hour sessions on how to use New Website (beta) Home Page Designer. (View Curriculum Details)
  • Two one hour sessions on how to use widgets to create custom pages
  • Three one hour sessions on creating the club Bulletin using ClubRunner templates and widgets. 
5. Evaluation at the District level of all clubs websites as accessed through the "District Clubs and Contacts" page. 
  • Each year the District Governor reviews the status of their clubs. This ought to include the club's website and social media use. The cost of an independent review would depend on the number of clubs and the detail the DG would want on each club. My estimate of the cost would range from $500.00 to $1,200.00 per district. 
6. Presentations at District Conferences, Assemblies or PETS
  • Travel, food & accommodation (if necessary) costs plus a flat fee for the presentation (Rotarian may provide food & accommodation in a home).
7. Organise a mini-conference on a day prior to a District Conference on ClubRunner.
  • This would be negotiated with the District Conference organizers and/or District Governor or appointee.