#1 in a series on how to increase your website etiquette score through a good home page design.

If there was such a thing as an etiquette score in home page design, it would be about respecting what the reader sees on the screen and making it as pleasant an experience as possible and as motivating to scroll as possible.
Positioning of the Banner (Either static or dynamic carousel)
Avoid creating a banner that is has a height larger than the screen that first appears to the viewer. As you can see this one is cut off right through the club’s name. This means you have to scroll to see the rest of the banner. This forces rather than invite the viewer to scroll.
I recommend two options: one which creates a banner that just fills the initial screen. All banners that follow, as in a carousel, should then be exactly the same height so they too fill the screen and forces no need to scroll.
A banner or series of no more than 4 banners can then slide across each of which are fully visible. 
The second option is to place a banner, at a size that also encourages the viewer to scroll to the next topic as in the format below. You have now engaged the viewer to take further action and find out “Who We Are”.
Etiquette considers the reader’s experience first and foremost. It may take a little more time to build a page but the reward is a visitor who is more likely to return.