Thank you for investigating the role of an Independent Associate Contractor. As part of my goal to have every service club with the best up to date ClubRunner website, I want to share the task as widely as possible.


Members of Wethe4 Productions Network, who have purchased a premium membership service may apply to be Independent Associate Contractors (IAC’s).
As an IAC you will be entitled to create courses, workshops, and training modules to post and market through the Wethe4 Productions Network’s website and bulletin.
From time to time I may approach an IAC with an offer to sublet a course where and when for whatever reason I cannot do one. I may also present to an IAC’s an offer to sublet a request for in-person instructional assistance or full-day pre-district conference workshops or conference keynote or breakout presentations.
This is a big world and the cost of transportation except for the wealthiest clubs and districts is prohibitive. A dispersed shared network of presenters and instructors is one means to address this problem.


Independent Associate Contractors must agree to abide by Wethe4 Productions Network’s fee structure as posted at or such price as negotiated by Wethe4 PN for special in-person events.
An IAC will receive in USD dollars or if Canadian in Canada in CAD dollars the rate as posted or negotiated minus 20% for Wethe4 PN’s marketing service or sublet services.

Additional Benefits

In addition to earning income through Wethe4 PN, you will have the opportunity to post articles on ClubRunner or websites for service clubs to the Wethe4 PN blog which will also be distributed through the monthly bulletin. Posting articles on the Blog is a way to get known and to demonstrate your expertise and thinking.
The names of all IAC’s will be listed with location and contact information in each bulletin unless requested otherwise.  


Please download the application. Once approved a contract will be sent for your consideration and signature.
John Borst, Founder and CEO Wethe4 Productions Network