Please note: The registration form using the ClubRunner Event module is now established and in Beta mode. Separate registration systems exist for Canada (CAD) and America plus the rest of the World. (USD). 

Ideally, I would prefer 3 to 5 persons per training module. Once a person registers contact will be, made to establish a date and time. At that time the event will be posted on the calendar and other participants can register for the specific event.  

The maximum number of participants for any module at this time is five (5).

Thanks for your patience as this business is established. 

John Borst

Almost Free Introductory Training Module

Free Module on ClubRunnerRegistration for Canadian Clients only     

Training Module #1

Event Registration form for Canadian clients      

Training Module #2

Registration for Canadian Clients     
Workshop Module #3
Registration for Canadian clients only     

Training Module #4

Using the New Website Designer (Beta) Registration for Canadian clients only     

Training Module #5

How to Build a Custom PageRegister for How to Build a Custom Page     

Registration for Canadian Clients only