Five Ways Districts Can Inspire Club’s to Improve their Websites


The “stick and carrot” approach to change

Although I believe District Governors have an obligation to improve a club’s communication strategies, especially as it applies to their websites, by monitoring and analyzing them in preparation for the annual visit and review, Districts have other means by which they can encourage and assist clubs to build better websites and make better use the management components of a ClubRunner site.

Supervision is the “stick” approach; in this essay, I will suggest ideas using the “carrot” approach.

Five Ways Districts Can Inspire Club’s to Improve their Websites John Borst 2021-09-13 04:00:00Z 0 Awards,End isolation,Incentives,Training modules,Websites

District Governors and the Oversight of Club Websites

It has been twenty years since Rotary Clubs began creating websites. When I began using ClubRunner in 2010, many clubs in my district were using that platform.

In the process of learning to use ClubRunner, I reviewed those websites and what I found was a discouraging lack of quality. When I brought this to the attention of the District Governor, he simply showed no interest in the issue. More than a decade later, that attitude still prevails.
District Governors and the Oversight of Club Websites John Borst 2021-09-13 04:00:00Z 0 District Governors,Oversite,Rotary Districts,Websites
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What is the cost of starting up a ClubRunner website for a small club of 20 or less?

And what is the minimum number of training modules needed from Wethe4 Productions Network?
In reviewing District 5550’s clubs, 12 clubs have no website. Of those 7 are under 20 members and 5 are between 21 and 40.
This is the group I would most like to convince to use the Wethe4 Productions Network services.
What is not apparent is what the total cost would be to get ClubRunner CMS and some training.
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